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Why Folks With Shoulder Pain Are Ditching Pain Medications For This Safe & Affordable Pain Relief Device

I Went From Choking Down Painkillers Just to Be Able to Fall Asleep… To Moving, Lifting, and Even Throwing Freely Again!

By Dr. Lewis McKinnon | Nov 10, 2023 | 11:11 am EDT

My doctor told me more than once that there was nothing he could do to fully heal my rotator cuff injury.

He just kept prescribing me a bunch of painkillers and pretty much told me that I should get used to living in constant pain.

But I just couldn’t accept it.

I couldn’t believe that in today’s day and age - with all the technological advancements - there was no way to alleviate the sharp pain and limited mobility in my shoulder.

So I started searching the internet, looking for an alternative solution.

And before long, I discovered a man who seemed to have the answer.

That’s When I Met Dr. Lewis McKinnon, a Renowned Expert on Shoulder Pain

He’s dedicated the better part of the last decade to developing innovative methods to assist individuals in recovering from shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries.

His website was packed with testimonials from grateful men and women who claimed that he had saved their lives.

So I decided to pay for an online consultation with him.

And, after a quick small talk, he went on to explain the real root cause of my shoulder pain.

The words that came out of his mouth made me freeze in fear:

“The Tendons in Your Shoulder Are Deteriorating”

Turns out that the tendons in our shoulders - just like every other tissue in our body - require a continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen to function correctly.

These essentials enter the body through our food and oxygen intake, are absorbed into the bloodstream, and then delivered throughout the body to nourish tissues and organs.

This system works perfectly until stress, aging, or repetitive movements come into play.

That's because such factors can cause inflammation and degradation of shoulder tissues, including the rotator cuff tendons, which are crucial for shoulder mobility and stability.

The situation is exacerbated by repetitive movements or injuries, which can lead to tears or further damage to the rotator cuff tendons.

Without proper care, these conditions worsen over time.

The lack of adequate support and stabilization means the injured shoulder is subject to continuous strain, even during seemingly innocuous activities.

This can prevent the tendons from healing, leading to chronic pain, weakness, and in severe cases, a complete loss of shoulder function.

Let me say that again:

The tendons in your shoulder are under extreme stress and deteriorating as you read this because they are not receiving the necessary support and stabilization.

And the worst part is…

Painkillers That Doctors Prescribe for Shoulder Pain Can Actually Make It Even Worse!

Your doctor has likely prescribed you pain medications for your shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries - but I believe that's actually the worst approach you can take.

Why? Because pain relievers are only masking the pain while doing absolutely nothing to address the underlying issue of your deteriorating tendons.

As Dr. Lewis explained...

It’s like if your car was making a lot of noise because of a mechanical problem - and you just turned up the radio to drown out the noise.

You're merely ignoring the actual problem.

Not to mention, pain medications can also lead to a range of unwanted side effects on their own - from digestive issues and nausea to the risk of kidney damage and even heart problems.

The point is: Pain and discomfort are warning signs from your body, signaling that something is wrong, and you shouldn't ignore them before it becomes too late.

Now, here’s the good news…

If You Still Feel Pain And Discomfort… That’s Actually Good News!

Rotator cuff tendons cause pain and weakness as they become inflamed or tear.

...And then they just lead to chronic pain and dysfunction when the damage progresses.

So if you are still experiencing pain and discomfort, it means that some of your tendons are still capable of healing.

Why is this important?

Because the National Institute of Health says:

"Tendon tissues have the ability to HEAL as long as the underlying tendon fibers have not been completely severed"

So as long as your tendons are not irreparably damaged, there's a chance that you can reverse the injury and relieve the symptoms of shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries.

Finally, Dr. Lewis Told Me That There’s A Way To Alleviate My Shoulder Pain

…And that is to enhance the blood flow around the shoulder area.

If you can improve blood flow to your shoulder, the tendons can finally receive the much-needed nutrients and oxygen, which can alleviate the symptoms of shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries.

But how do you achieve this?

Traditional medicine would suggest that the way to increase circulation is through movement and physical therapy.

However, movement can be the last thing we want to engage in when we are in pain.

So… What’s the solution?

I asked Dr. Lewis the same question.

And that’s when I first heard about this innovative approach:

Compression Therapy and Supportive Stabilization.

This Advanced Approach Enhances Circulation, Support, and Stabilize the Shoulder, thereby Alleviating Pain, Weakness, and Discomfort

Dr. Lewis teamed up with a medical technology startup, AgeRelief, to develop a straightforward at-home device that leverages cutting-edge Compression Therapy and Supportive Stabilization technology to treat shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries.

It's named the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace.

This brace applies a unique combination of compression, support, and stabilization directly to the shoulder area to help promote blood circulation...

...Which in turn enables the tendons in your shoulder to receive the nutrients and oxygen they need in order to heal.

This means that the tendons in your shoulder can finally begin to repair and heal, reducing the pain, weakness, and discomfort...

And allowing you to return to the activities you love again, without constant shoulder pain and limitations holding you back.

AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace Is Unlike Any Other Solution I’ve Tried Before

Let me be clear. I've never experienced anything like the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace in my entire life - and I've tried just about every remedy out there.

This device is far more effective than any pills or physical therapies could ever be because it directly addresses the damaged and weakened tendons in your shoulder, tackling the actual root cause of shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries.

Before long, you'll be able to move your arm without pain, engage in activities without discomfort, and even sleep through the night without being disturbed by shoulder pain.

Here’s How To Use the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace For Best Results

All you need to do is slip your arm into the brace and adjust it for a snug fit using the straps.

For optimal results, you'll want to wear it for at least 15 minutes a day.

That's how long it takes for the compression therapy and supportive stabilization to work on the tendons in your shoulder, encouraging recovery and reducing discomfort.

Wearing the brace might feel weird at first, but you will adapt to it after a few uses. And more importantly, you are going to love the results.

The pain will begin to fade.

The weakness and discomfort will gradually lessen.

And you'll find yourself moving your arm, engaging in activities, and even performing tasks without any pain - something you thought might never be possible again.

Here’s What Liza, 65, Says About Her Experience With the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace

"You know what really sucks? When you go to the doctor… over and over again… And you complain about constant shoulder pain and how your arm feels weak, especially when you try to lift it or do anything overhead…

And how
your shoulder feels like it’s locking up on you at night to the point where you can’t sleep without arranging pillows all around it. And they run some tests and say… Well… We can’t really find anything majorly wrong with you. You’re fine. It’s just wear and tear, a natural part of aging…

Really? I’m 65 years old. I got another at least 20 years because our family… we live a long time. But I’m starting to be really concerned about my future ability to take care of myself aside from today’s aches and pains. That’s when I saw the advertisement for AgeRelief's Compression Shoulder Brace and told myself 'Ok, let me give it a try.'

So I started wearing the brace and adjusted it to fit snugly. And let me tell you… 3 days later I’m feeling strength in my arm again. I haven’t been able to lift anything substantial with that arm for over 2 years. Now it’s been about 2.5 weeks. I have complete mobility in my shoulder… I have not been having the sharp pains or the feeling of my shoulder giving out. And best of all? My shoulder doesn’t lock up at night anymore! No more constructing pillow forts when I go to bed at night…

Just wear my shoulder brace for about 10 minutes twice a day. And it’s a game changer! I’m telling you, I’m so happy with this product! And I see a future where 20 years down the road I’m not dependent on others for my basic needs because I can’t move my arm! It’s awesome. Thanks, AgeRelief!"

Liza, 65

Or Look At The Difference It Made To Mike, Struggling With Rotator Cuff Injuries For Over 10 Years

Here’s what he says:

"I’ve been dealing with shoulder pain due to rotator cuff injuries for 10 years now, resulting from years of repetitive motions and strain.

I’ve tried some therapies and exercises… I’ve been trying to stay away from pain medications because I’ve heard so much negative about them!

But I did try your product… I work in a job that requires lifting and using my arms extensively, and my shoulder really hurt at the end of the day… Or at least it used to, but after using your brace… It was like within a couple of weeks I noticed quite a difference!

And now I can work pain-free! Well, I’ve been actually pain-free for 3 months now almost. It’s done wonders."
Martin, 40

AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace Already Helped Thousands Of People Alleviate Their Shoulder Pain

If you check out AgeRelief’s website, you will find thousands of reviews from people just like you.

People who were able to get significant relief from shoulder pain, reduced mobility, stiffness, and discomfort:

Because I’m still in contact with Dr. McKinnon, I know he is receiving dozens of these emails daily.

Every single day there’s a new amazing story from another person in the US that got his or her life transformed thanks to this effective but affordable AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace.

Will your story be next?

See… That’s the kind of results Dr. McKinnon want you to experience.

Think about your shoulder right now…

Would you welcome even just a bit of relief from that constant pain, reduced mobility, and discomfort?

How about getting an uninterrupted full night's sleep?

How would it feel to be able to engage in your favorite activities pain-free with your loved ones?

Would it allow you to enjoy your daily life a bit better if there was less or no pain, stiffness, and discomfort in your shoulder?

Imagine waking up in the morning and experiencing that feeling of… NOTHING!

❌ No constant pain
❌ No stiffness
❌ No slings
❌ No limitations

Allowing you to sleep well at night without any sharp pains that would keep you awake…

Knowing that when you wake up, there is nothing that would stop you from just jumping out of bed, full of energy!

Imagine finally regaining control over your life and body again!

Doing all the things you love with your loved ones!

That feeling is priceless.

There’s a world of difference between living life with constant shoulder pain, stiffness, and discomfort, and between being able to do what's dearest to you.

And I’m excited for you to experience it for yourself

IMPORTANT: You Won’t Find AgeRelief Products In Department Stores, On Amazon Or Ebay

That's because Dr. McKinnon and his team at AgeRelief don't want any middlemen to mark up their prices.

So you will never pay $397 for the brace.

Dr. McKinnon’s mission with the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace is to make cutting-edge shoulder pain solutions accessible to as many people as possible.

That's why Dr. McKinnon and his team sell directly to our customers.

Dr. McKinnon heavily relies on word of mouth.

He believes if the product is good, the word will spread.

That's why I've decided to write this article for him.

To act my part and spread my word.It's the least I can do for how much his AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace transformed my life.

And that's why you are not going to pay $397 - which is the recommended price for a device of this caliber.Dr. McKinnon doesn't want the price to stand in your way.

So you won't even pay half.So even though they charge $199 per brace on their official website...You won't have to pay that today either.

Via This Link ONLY
, you can get your AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace for a simple one-time fee of just $129.95!Yes, just $129.95.

But wait...Even that was not enough for Dr. McKinnon!Because when I shared my story with him, he was touched by it.It moved him deeply.

So deeply, in fact, that he went to the rest of the team at AgeRelief and decided to do something unheard of.

He came up with a one-time special offer for the readers of this article of mine...

With the hope that you'll help spread the word and share this with anyone who might also benefit from this information.

So right now, you can try the Compression Shoulder Brace for only $79.95.

Yes, just $79.95.

That's 50% off the regular price that is listed on the AgeRelief's official website.

If you think this is crazy, read this...

Dr. McKinnon: "You Don't Have To Make A Decision Now!"

See… Dr. McKinnon wanted to completely remove the risk for all buyers.

He's so confident in the effectiveness of his product that he offered an ironclad 60-day results or refund money-back guarantee without hesitation.

He doesn't want you to spend a dime until you are 100% certain that it works for you.

This means if you aren't absolutely thrilled with your results, AgeRelief will refund you every penny you paid.

He's making this guarantee because he's confident you're going to love the results you're going to experience with your new AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace.

Now you have 2 full months to test the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace and see for yourself how quickly it can relieve pain, improve mobility, and decrease stiffness and discomfort.

So click the big green “APPLY DISCOUNT & CHECK AVAILABILITY” button below.

If your don’t get the relief you’re looking for or you think there’s better solution on the market for your condition, Dr. McKinnon’s team will return 100% of your purchase price.

And no this is not a type of guarantee that every other company does nowadays.

This is no gimmick.

Want proof?

Try emailing or calling AgeRelief’s customer service.

You can literally reach them 24/7.

Simply email them at

You can also find this information on their official encrypted website.

They respond to every single email within minutes.

They answer every single phone call…

It may sound out-of-fashion but at AgeRelief, they make us, their customers, their absolute #1 priority.

I’m a living example of that being true.

WARNING: By The Time You’ll Be Reading This, This Offer May Already Be Sold Out!

AgeRelief has already sold out 3 times in the past.

And this current stock is selling out faster than anyone could have anticipated.

So I encourage you to act fast.

Because chances are by the time you’ll be reading this… the stock may have been already sold out again.

So without further ado…

Here’s What to Do Next

Click that big green “APPLY DISCOUNT & CHECK AVAILABILITY” button below.

It’s going to take you straight to AgeRelief’s official, encrypted website.

You will get there the special one-time deal reserved for the reader’s of this article.

Here all you need to do is click the button that says “GET 50% OFF TODAY ONLY” and your discount code will be automatically applied.

From there, you’ll go straight to the checkout page where you just need to enter your name, address, and credit card information.

…And select your favorite package…

I suggest you get the most popular AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace with the Hemp Pain Relief for Shoulder Pain for maximum results.

So click the big green button below and order your AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace today at up to 50% OFF!

The Only Risk You Could Possibly Face Is One Of Pain And Regret If You Miss Out

Now I’d like to take a moment to talk about what happens if you don’t act now.

Because the way I see it, you really now have 2 options that lead to 2 profoundly different realities.

See… shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries are progressive conditions.

This means that unless you start taking action early, they usually get worse over time.

Option #1:

Is to keep doing what you’ve been doing until now… Wasting time and money on solutions that you and I both know don’t work…

And basically letting the condition of your shoulder deteriorate - one day at a time…

Until your mobility is severely limited and you are left unable to perform basic tasks without assistance.

Option #2:

You can make the smart decision to try the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace and at least have a chance to turn things around in the weeks to come.

Remember - You’ve got nothing to lose.

Either it works as advertised and you’ll experience a massive relief.

OR you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Either way, it’s better than just giving up and doing nothing.

I still thank God every day that I discovered the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace.

It saved my quality of life.

And I’m just one of 1000+ people who will tell you that.

You owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

It's time to do the smart thing, the right thing for you and your family while you still can.

Click the button below to apply your discount and give yourself a shot at a normal life, free of pain, improved mobility, and without the constant discomfort.


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