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Nurse Reveals the Truth: This Is The Secret Of How I Fixed My Painful Shoulder Without Physical Therapy

By Nate Berg | Nov 10, 2023 | 11:11 am EDT

I just finished work for today. My shoulder is aching so much I can barely lift my arm.

It’s been about 10 hours of constant movement, assisting patients, and hardly ever a moment to rest.

I’m 39 and have been working as a nurse for 15 years.

During my shifts, I don't have much time to break or sit down.

I first noticed some discomfort in my shoulder about 2 years ago, but now it's become a real problem, especially my left shoulder.

I never took much notice of it before, but now it’s causing stiffness and pain.

At first, in the morning it starts with occasional throbbing...

But as the day goes on, the pain intensifies.

And they always say “Shoulders carry the weight of the world.”.

I’m definitely feeling that now - because I’m also getting pain in my neck and back.

… It gets to the point where at the end of the work day, the pain is excruciating.

For the last 2 years, my stiff and sore shoulders have made my life a nightmare

My daily life is filled with so much frustration… (not to mention the excruciating pain)

I used to even play tennis 3 or 4 times a week up until 1 year ago.

And now that’s no longer an option with my rotator cuff and shoulder pain.

Because of this, I’ve found it hard to maintain my weight.

And it makes me feel worthless and lazy.

It’s even starting to affect my relationship with my wife and two young girls.

I just can’t be the husband or father they deserve.

I felt like an 80-year-old man, even though I'm not even 40 yet.

So, if you’re like me - suffering from a painful shoulder pain, I really FEEL you.

And I want you to know it’s not your fault.

No one chooses to have this. But some people choose not to do anything about it.

The Most Frustrating Part Was, I Was Doing Everything I Could to Get Better

I was desperate.

I tried everything from painkillers, physical therapy, injections, and even costly medical treatments.

They all just temporarily mask the symptoms.

Painkillers are great at providing short-term relief but the moment you stop taking them, the effect wears off.

Plus, they are addictive.

And there are a lot of negative side effects like migraines, loss of memory, anxiety and kidney damage.

Physical therapy also helps, but my wallet can’t afford it and it’s a 60 minute drive each time.

Custom Orthotics & Wide Shoes can be expensive. And even with them on, I have felt discomfort and pressure along my bunions.

Even specialized exercises and stretches were only minimally effective. They seemed insufficient to address my problem and didn't offer a long-term solution.

…But nothing helped.

I blamed genetics and I wish I had taken better care of my shoulder when I was younger…

But now, there’s nothing I could do.

I was starting to think that surgery may be my only option.

To make matters even worse, the pain got so bad that I couldn’t perform as a husband and father to the people that matter the most to me.

I wasn’t present with my two young girls, my mind was always on the pain.

And my wife? I feel ashamed to talk about it.

I never wanted to end up one of those couples that don’t… you know… “do it!”

But to put it bluntly, we’re rarely intimate. I’m always tired.

Or in pain. Or just not in the mood…

And it’s definitely affecting her.

On Sunday morning, however, right after Christmas Eve, I decided I had enough.

But right then and there, I swore to God I will find a solution.

I called every single doctor or friend I could find in my area.

69 phone calls and appointments later, something happened…

“Don’t Even Think About the Surgery”

One of my friends has a friend who’s a doctor at a local hospital - Dr. McKinnon, he has been Chicago’s top shoulder pain expert for almost a decade.

I immediately called his office and asked for an appointment.

Unfortunately, his schedule was completely full for the next 3 months, so I was out of luck.

But when I explained the situation and gave him the details about my case…

As soon as Dr. McKinnon heard about the surgery nightmare, and my family…

He said, "don't even think about that surgery!"

I'll open up extra early on Monday morning just for you, and we'll take care of this.

My wife and I spent the weekend counting down the minutes of the appointment.

When I arrived, I told him everything about the constant, searing pain, the long, sleepless nights, and feeling like an addict because I had to take so many painkillers.

Dr. McKinnon listened attentively.

After I finished, he made it clear that I could avoid the surgery and be pain-free in as little as a month.

And he promised that I'd walk out of his office that day feeling better than I had in years.

“We're going to take care of this right now,” he said.

He then stood up and walked out of his office.

After around 2 minutes he came back with a strange-looking contraption.

He sat back in his office chair and then began explaining that since the lockdown he had much more time because patients couldn’t come in.

And so he worked intensely on this Compression device.

He went on and explained the complexity of shoulder pain.

In each shoulder, there's a complex network of bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves.

When we strain this area through overuse, poor posture, or injury, it can cause the delicate rotator cuff tendons to become inflamed or even tear.

The body tries to compensate for the injury, but this often leads to further imbalance and pain, not just in the shoulder but potentially affecting the neck and back too.

The tricky part?

You need to actively support and aid the healing of your shoulder on a daily basis.

And many people overlook the necessity of consistent, supportive care for recovery.

He finished product development just recently. Working in partnership with a US-based health start-up known as AgeRelief™.

At the time, there were only a handful of people accepted for the clinical trials, but since he was a friend of a friend, he was able to get me in.

He called it the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace.

Hallelujah! I screamed the first time he let me use the device.

Let me say, this thing is a game-changer. For real.

The secret to the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace lies in its innovative Dual-Compression & Stabilization Therapy.

It's a sophisticated way of saying it helps "restore the shoulder to its natural function and alignment..."

This not only prevents further damage but over time, it actively works to reverse the degeneration of the rotator cuff tendons.

Resulting in long-term pain relief.

The best part?

It's so simple to use.

You simply slip it over your shoulder, adjust for comfort, and that’s it!

Then you can wear them during the day or night and let them do all of the work.

I bought 2 of them, 1 for each of my shoulder to make sure I always have a fresh one ready to use.

2 Years of Pain, Shame And Embarassment Were Erased in One Month of Use

I felt a real improvement with just a week of use.

And it’s been a month now, and my shoulder feel (and look) so much better.

I even went on a long tennis match with my wife, and I think I’ll be back soon.

I use it after work at home while watching TV and every night while sleeping, and I will continue to do so.

I mean… why not?

According to Dr. McKinnon, these Compression Shoulder Brace were designed so that you can use them all the time.

Every time I use them - I feel like they turn the clock on my shoulder.

They are miracle workers and have got me back to living completely free of pain and being the father and husband I need to be for my family.

Anyone with shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries needs these in their life.

It’s Than Having A Personal Orthopedic At Home, Available 24/7

I can tell you that if it wasn’t for my AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace, I wouldn't be able to live a fulfilling life.

Even my wife’s noticed a difference, but that’s a story I can’t tell here...

I know it sounds like a big stretch (no pun intended), but this shoulder support device has literally saved my life.

I can spend hours working with my arms again, completely pain-free.

I’m thriving at work, and even my colleagues have noticed.

And I feel like I’m in my 20s again!

I know the best days of my life are ahead of me.

If getting back to your favourite activities without stiff and painful shoulder is a priority for you, I can’t recommend them enough - I encourage you to give the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace a shot and watch as your pain disappears in mere minutes.

Here's How It Works...

The best part about AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace is that it’s so simple to use.

First, there's no complicated setup – the brace is ready to use straight out of the box. No charging or batteries are required, making it hassle-free and convenient.

The second step is all about personal adjustment – It's designed to fit comfortably around your shoulder. Adjust the straps to get the right level of compression and support that feels best for your body.

This customization is key to ensuring the brace works effectively for your specific needs.

And then you just slip your arm through the brace, secure it in place… And that’s it!

Just go about your day with the brace providing constant, comforting support, to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healing of the shoulder.

A Whopping 93% of Verified Users Reported Feeling Immediate Relief

If you check out AgeRelief’s Website, you will find thousands of reviews from people just like you who were able to completely reverse shoulder pain:

To read more reviews and order your Compression Shoulder Brace, visit their website

Try the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace Today and Make the First Step Towards Your New Life - Completely Risk-Free

Experience significant shoulder pain relief within 60 days of using your AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace, or get ALL your money back.

AgeRelief's promise to YOU is THIS:

If you don’t:

  1. Experience relief
  2. Notice prevention of your shoulder pain from getting worse
  3. See an improvement of your condition over time

or if you're simply unsatisfied in any way...

You will receive a 100% refund of every penny spent, no questions asked.

If you use the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Bracefor the next 60 days...

You WILL get rid of your shoulder pain and rotator cuff injuries and you WILL live your life to the fullest again.

You either get relief, or your money back.

So click the button below and check the availability!

Still on the fence?

Imagine this: Your shoulder WILL feel like you are 20 again.

And you will get back to all the things you love doing.

And if not?

You will receive 100% refund of every penny you paid,

If you’re not absolutely thrilled with the results, AgeRelief™ doesn't want your money. No hassle, no questions asked.

Simply email their friendly customer care team at and claim a fast and full refund!

You have nothing to lose.

Last time I checked, they were almost sold out because of a special 50% off discount...

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