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62-Year-Old Physical Therapist Swears Under Oath: “This Method Erased My Shoulder Pain & Stiffness for Good… My Shoulders Feel 20-Years-Younger”

PLUS: The GROUNDBREAKING Device That Is Relieving The Shoulders Of Over 137,000 Americans!

Monday, Nov 13, 2023 / By Steve Davidson

I’ve been a physical therapist for over 30 years, and my job involves a lot of upper body movement and strength.

This puts enormous pressure on your shoulders by itself, so discomfort is almost inevitable…

But it turns into a real ordeal when you have rotator cuff degeneration.

It’s hard to describe the condition to someone who’s never experienced it.

I could barely raise my arm to reach for something - let alone engage in sports, carry out physical therapy sessions, or play with my grandkids.

I missed the days when I could move freely without a second thought.

Now, every movement I make feels like I’m straining through thick mud.

My shoulder issues took the joy out of my career and hobbies for YEARS.

The only thing that kept me going was my passion for helping others.

Recently, it finally paid off.

I not only discovered the TRUE reason behind my shoulder pain but also how to effectively alleviate it.

It all comes down to a common piece of advice out there that is actually making shoulder conditions worse.

This advice is so prevalent, there’s a good chance you’re following it right now.

Because it seems logical, especially when your shoulders are in agony.

I’ll Be Completely Honest, I Followed This Advice Myself For YEARS And It Made My Shoulder Pain Worse

I’d been told to rest my aching shoulders, so I thought it was good to take it easy. But there were days when I'd start my day, and my shoulders would already feel stiff and painful. I'd wonder, "how can I assist my patients effectively when I can barely move without pain?"

Sometimes I’d move the wrong way, and the sharp pain would make me wince.

The hardest part is, my colleagues wouldn’t always understand. They thought I was just struggling with the aging process or the physical demands of the job.

I wish they could spend just an hour with my shoulder pain to realize it's genuinely debilitating!

By the time I get home, slip off the AgeRelief Compression Shoulder Brace, and sit down, my shoulders feel so much better, and moving seems possible again.

But This Is When I Discovered The HUGE Mistake I Was Making That Made My Shoulder Issues Worse

When I get home at the end of a long day, all I want to do is give my aching shoulders a break.

But I've recently discovered that it's actually TOO MUCH REST that's making my shoulder pain and rotator cuff symptoms worse.

I know it sounds odd because everyone tells you when your shoulders are hurting, you need to rest them.

It wasn't until I stumbled upon a video on YouTube featuring Dr. Emily Carson, a renowned orthopedic surgeon from Maine, that I realized being more active could actually help reduce my shoulder pain.

This video has since been shared and viewed by thousands, and when you watch it, you'll be just as amazed as I was.

Her Counterintuitive Advice Shocked Me

Your shoulders need movement just like the rest of your body.

But sometimes, as we age or if we have health problems like arthritis, our shoulders don't get as much movement. It's like when a garden dries up, and the plants wither.

"She says moving our shoulders helps get more mobility to them. Think of it as exercise for your shoulders!"

But why is this important? Because when our shoulders don't get enough movement, they can feel stiff, painful, or even numb.

So, we need to figure out a way to help our shoulders get more mobility!

“Motion is lotion for your joints,” she said in the now viral video that’s been viewed thousands of times.

"The best way to soothe shoulder discomfort is to keep moving - as I tell my patients “Motion Is Lotion”. When you’re active, your blood flows to your shoulders where it helps soothe and rejuvenate the joint. On top of that, Peripheral nerves have the ability to REGENERATE by moving, which means your shoulders get the soothing, nourishing rush of liquid they need to become healthier and pain-free.”

The thing is, this raises one question…

How The Heck Can You Keep Moving When Your Shoulders Are Killing You!

That’s the question I was asking myself.

After all, I’m in constant pain, so the idea of moving around did not sound like much fun.

But that’s when I was completely stunned by what I saw next.

The people in the video had solved their shoulder pain with a strange brace device thing!

It seemed impossible to think a simple brace would soothe sore, achy shoulders and years of stiffness and pain, but that’s exactly what they did.

The most shocking thing was that the people wearing them didn’t need to be up and moving at all! That’s because they are made with a special, snug-fitting compression fabric that actually gently massages your shoulders - even when you’re sitting still.

This means they’re pushing that important nutrient-rich blood into your shoulders even while you sit back and watch TV or read a book.

I immediately ordered myself a 4 pairs from their website right here

Surprisingly, They Arrived At My Door In Just 3 days.

A 3-day delivery time is pretty impressive these days, so they were already starting out on the right foot.

I opened the packet and slipped them on right away.

It took just a few seconds for me to feel the difference.

I could feel how well made they were and that the fabric was high quality.

But what really felt great was that they soothed my shoulders and almost instantly reduced the swelling.

And I loved that I can wear them to sleep as compression braces are made from a special material that lets your skin breathe, and they have adjustable straps so your shoulders won't get too restricted at night.

They didn’t squeeze my shoulders too much either. The best I can explain it was like a pair of soft hands gently massaging the pain out of my shoulders

I kept the braces on for the rest of the evening, and when I woke up the next morning, my shoulders didn’t have that awful stiffness and I could feel the flexibility for the very first time when I got out of bed.

But the real test was when I wore them during my workday the next day. I already loved how discreet and comfortable it was under my shirt. And then I was BLOWN AWAY by how good my shoulders felt during the day.

When I got home and relaxed, my shoulders didn’t have that throbbing, stiff feeling that made me want to sit down all night.

I was sold, and I grabbed my computer and instantly ordered several more pairs.

So, I imagine just like me you’re curious about…

What Is The AgeRelief's Compression Shoulder Brace?

Check out the official website here

The Compression Shoulder Brace™ was created by a US-based team of doctors, physical therapists, and health experts.

Designed with input from shoulder experts for maximum support and to give you relief from aching shoulders, stiff rotator cuffs and even painful shoulder degeneration in seconds!

Created from a lightweight breathable fabric which resists moisture and odors so you can wear them anywhere and for however long you need.

Our Compression Shoulder Brace relieve the pain fast and help keep it from coming back.

Why I Own Multiple Pairs of These Compression Shoulder Braces.

This thing literally gave me my life back, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before.

AgeRelief sell out quickly due to the high demand for their medical grade material.

Therefore, I recommend ordering more than one and taking advantage of the bulk pricing discounts. This way, AgeRelief can pass some of the savings on to their customers as well when items are purchased in higher quantities.

After your investment..

It’s so simple to use

Step 1: Slip it over your aching shoulders

Step 2: Go about your day, lift objects, reach up high, and move around without pain or worry.

Step 3: Wear it daily to help rejuvenate your shoulders.

The Braces Work For Virtually Anyone

Check out the official website here

This thing is great for people with sore shoulders, whether it's from old injuries or constant stiffness.

It's special because it's like having a shoulder helper, a massage, and a snug cover all in one. And it doesn't cost a lot!

It's easy to wear, comfy, and light. You can wear it all day, wherever you go.

Take Compression Technology To The Next Level With Their Premium Design

There are so many situations you’ll benefit from using compression shoulder braces, including:

✔Lifting and carrying objects

✔Reaching up safely

✔Performing overhead tasks

✔Yard work


✔Playing sports

✔At work



✔And much more

By now, you might be wondering…

It Sounds Amazing, What Does It Cost?

These braces have probably saved me over $10,000 in shoulder treatments, therapy, and pricey medicine. Just a medical shoulder support would cost me about $500 or maybe even $600.

And even after spending that, those things can be bulky, not so comfy, and hard to move in. I didn't even know there was something like the Braces that felt like a warm hug for my shoulders until I really needed help.

Normally, you'd buy it for $159 + Shipping. But when I think about the price of treatments or just living with shoulder pain, this made total sense! Plus, taking lots of pain pills can make you feel pretty bad.

UPDATE: Good news! Right now, our Compression Shoulder Braces are 50% OFF. With this special offer, you can grab your Compression Shoulder Braces for just $79.95 and $75 worth of bonuses. And the best part? Shipping is FREE.

Imagine going about your day, exercising, and engaging in your favorite activities without any shoulder pain. These braces are like a protective hug for your shoulder, enabling you to enjoy life's pleasures without discomfort. No more worrying about strenuous activities, lifting objects, or playing sports. Get ready to move with ease and say goodbye to shoulder pain!

Now you can have a total shoulder support system of your own!

$79.95 is an outstanding deal, knowing your shoulder troubles will be effectively addressed.

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